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MulaMail is fully private and can never be scanned or read by anyone but you. Not even by us, big tech or the government.


MulaMail uses a whitelisting approach; a sender needs permission to communicate with you, so you never get any unwarranted emails.


MulaMail offers exclusive rewards for early adopters and ambassadors so you can earn benefits for supporting our mission.


The Best Privacy Tech Is Invisible

Have you read the terms and conditions of everything you’ve agreed to? Most of us click okay without realizing that we’re signing away our personal details, a peek into our email, and our browsing and purchasing habits. We have become the product in the pursuit of convenience. But what if it didn’t have to be this way?

Mula strives to make privacy easy by making it invisible in the everyday tools that you already use. From your email to your online identity, Mula embeds privacy smoothly, without you noticing or being inconvenienced. We’re building an online privacy platform that anonymizes and protects your information. The Mula ecosystem will roll out in phases.

Frank Dumas


Jean-Philippe Beaudet


Oliver Qian

Chief Architect


Technology Made For All


Technology Made Approachable

Technology should be approachable. Privacy is a fundamental right. These are our core values. The Mula Platform is designed to achieve both of these things. Mula seeks to reinvent the products we use in our daily lives using the latest technology without you even noticing.

If the future is data-driven, you should have your hands on the wheel. While we shouldn’t be afraid of anonymized data, there are ways to achieve this in an ethical manner and with the individual in control of their information. Mula wants to hand you the keys to this brave new world.