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Welcome to the ZeUniverse!

The ZeUniverse is our driving passion. It’s the ecosystem that encompasses our employees, our partners, our products, and some fairly delicious octopus recipes.

The ZeUniverse name is a fortuitous blending of our company name (ZeU) and the idea that our ecosystem is not only harmonious but expansive, two values we use to filter any addition to our ecosystem.


Feeling inspired? Have a radical idea? Want a peek under the hood? We welcome development from people just as stoked about privacy as we are. Dazzle us with your brilliance at hello@mulamail.io


Passwordless authentication and user‑centric Virtual Identity management infrastructure. Mula partners with VSEKUR on MulaWallet, MulaNetwork, and MulaCloud.
Prego International Group AS
A global payment solution provider that develops and operates a range of worldwide payment services. Mula partners with Prego on MulaMicroFinance.
Disclosing Soon
Mula partners with (Redacted) on MulaMerchant and MulaMarketplace.


Join the Beta Testers!
We’re searching for 1000 beta testers. Why 1000? Simple, we’re metric nerds at heart. Beta testers and early adopters are crucial in tech. In fact, we look at them as part of the team.
Our beta testers generate sufficient experience and errors for us to adjust and correct, making the product better for the public. In exchange, we like to give them exclusive rewards and our eternal gratitude.

However, there are some qualifications:

Human: you’re testing the product for other humans, so you’ll know best how they’ll misuse it.

Communicative: preferably polite. While we want to hear how we can be better, we prefer it without the #$@&%*!.

Engaged: we want active, engaged members. If you like our products, tell everyone. If you don’t, tell us but in a really really soft voice.