Safeguard your company’s reputation and stock price by protecting data related to product launches, trade secrets, and sensitive conversations.


Create a safe zone for whistleblowers and protected sources by ensuring your data is safe from leaks or exposure.

Health Care

Maintain regulatory compliance and keep sensitive patient information safe and unaccessible from unauthorized actors.

Financial Sector

Prevent insider trading and data leaks, which damage client confidence or potentially raise the eyebrows of regulatory institutions.


Keep trade secrets safe while securing your company’s proprietary designs and maintain product traceability.

Insurance Providers

Use privacy and immutability to prevent insurance fraud and help maintain regulatory compliance.


Keep government secrets secret by making sure conversations and documents are accessed only by people with the appropriate clearance.


Focus on creating your dream tech while taking care of protecting your most valuable asset — data.


Ensure client confidentiality with encrypted and private data tools to protect emails, attachments, and recordings.


Protect your research from data leaks until your lobbying efforts are near completion.


Ensure not only that new designs are kept safe from prying eyes while your supply chain always has the correct documentation for repairs.


Transparency tools to help you comply with regulatory authorities while building trust with the public.

Mula Premium ensures your company’s data is protected.

Mula isn’t just about being encrypted, and spam-free. It’s about knowing your company’s data will stay within your ecosystem, unable to be accessed or deleted by outside parties without your company’s permission. You can pick which privacy products to use in the confidence that Mula products are designed to work together, problem-free.

Many industries are reaping the benefits of real privacy, and the above are just the first that come to mind when we think of our client’s needs. While we would love to provide you with a comprehensive list of clients, we keep that information 100% confidential and private because privacy is our utmost value. The future is in good hands.