Canadian Startup Aims to Restore Your Right to Privacy & Security

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Canadian Startup Aims to Restore Your Right to Privacy & Security Mar 6  Written By Anthony Daoud Many of you will likely agree, Mega Corporations that we use on a day-to-day basis cannot be trusted. Entities like Google and Amazon are actively gaining access to and using your data for personal gain without our knowledge. For … Read More

Can Encryption Survive a Post-Quantum World?

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Introducing SAGE: Symmetric Asynchronous Generative Encryption by Jean-Philippe Beaudet Introduction (New to encryption? A glossary follows this article.) Classical encryption is threatened by quantum computing, and the race is on to discover the next best thing to preserve our privacy. One such solution is Symmetric Asynchronous Generative Encryption (SAGE). This article explains the concepts and … Read More

Mulamail — A Blockchain Email

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by Jean-Philippe Beaudet How does a “blockchain” email even works ? The blockchain part of Mulamail is based in the concept of privacy and security. Each user is interacting with the SMTP agents from a digital wallet perspective. This enables whitelisting (spam-proof) and end-2-end encryption of email that are contained within Mula’s SMTP context. The … Read More